Space and Flexibility

Our studio makes live video streaming easier than ever before.

White Infinity Cyc

Use our pre-lit 16' x 16' white cyc wall as-is or use it as a foundation to build your own set.

Green Screen

Opposite our white cyc wall, is a 12' x 12' green screen wall.

Control Room

Our dedicated control room is where your live stream comes together.

Production Crew

Need a crew? We've got camera operators, video & audio mixers and any other personnel you need to get your message out.

Conference Room

Our meeting area is a place to talk over any last-minute details of your production, as well as monitor the live stream, as it's happening.

Full Kitchen

Whether you need to prep food for on-camera use, or your talent and crew needs some sustenance, our kitchen is just feet away from the studio.

Ready to start planning your livestream?